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LaudyMcB Designs

Naughty Hedgehog in the strawberry patch

£70.00 (Sold out)

"Who's been stealing all the strawberries?"

Part of our one of range, our naughty Robert Hedgehog can be found in the strawberry patch.
Our lampshade takes hours of planning and creating. He is made from carefully cut out fabrics which have been freehand stitched together to create our fun and characterful lampshade. Once the design is applied to the fabric, it is lovingly worked on by hand, where each prickle represents more love and care put in to it. The hand embroidery adds a lovely three dimensional aspect to the design.

When lit, the hedgehog really looks and feels like he's walking through the strawberry patch as the light travels through the different materials and aspects of the shade.

Backed on the a PVC flame retardant backing this lampshade stands proud at 30cm in diameter and approximately 27cm tall.

Truely unique our shades are full of their own stories and adventures.